Salaam Reentry Program  Serving Harris County Jails

5 May 2013

Chad dig! We installed a new irrigation system

25 September 2013

New school built in Laos

As of May 2017, the program has only two volunteers, down from seven volunteers, a year ago.

HCSO (Harris County Sheriff Office) next Reentry Volunteer Training is scheduled for Aug 22, 2017. Please help us recruit volunteers so all Muslim inmates can perform their Juma'.  


Sensitive Mentors and

Responsive Thinkers 


Muslim Mentor Program is one of the community Partners with Harris County Sheriff's Reentry Program. 

              Volunteer Mentors have been serving the jails located at 701 N. San Jacinto Street and 1200 Baker St. since July 2014. Mentors served 800+ inmates in 2015 and 1000+ in 2016. Volunteers are needed to serve six floors at 701 N. San Jacinto and four floors at 1200 Baker St. Ten volunteers are needed to serve about 300 Muslim inmates in both jails.   


The Challenge

"Thinking Matters"


Mentors provide emotional support and encouragement to inmates and play active roles in promoting positive behavior changes.  

"Thinking Matters" curriculum is a first step toward finding the thinking that leads to their imprisonment. 


01 January 2013

Well construction in Ethiopia

How Can We Make Communities Safer?

Healthier Communities start with strong families, strong roots. Our children need positive influence from an early age.

We need positive Interaction from loved ones, learning how to live Godly life. Love of self, love of others and knowing how much Allah loves us.


Peer Mentors Meet last Thursdays of every month 6:15 to 8:00 p.m. at Masjid Taleem 511 E 40th 1/2 St. Houston to counsel and guide the recently released returning citizens.   

Our toughest challenge is to have ten volunteers so we can serve all Muslim inmates every Friday  from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.   

Our Mission 

Reducing the Rate of Recidivism by providing inmates opportunities to self-reflect, because

Texas Advocates for Justice (TAJ), a program within Grassroots Leadership, is planning Houston's Big Event in July 2016 to publish their research.  

Surveys were conducted in 2015 to learn directly from incarcerated individuals and their family members about causes that led to them being incarcerated; the challenges they faced during incarceration; and their insight into how to make their communities healthier.

Contact us for details of the Big Event.